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SENSES YARD專注醫學護膚品及香薰精油,提供多國護膚品,照顧你的濕疹皮膚、乾性皮膚或敏感皮膚。

SENSES YARD provides various quality products of Cosmeceuticals, Dermocosmetics, Skincare, Aromatherapy Essential Oil. We care about sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin and eczema.

Sensatia Botanicals (Bali, Indonesia)

– Natural Skincare , certified by Halal of the Ulama Council in Indonesia

Senses Yard (Hong Kong)

– Skincare

Pure Essential Oils

Pharmann (Poland)

– Emobase™ emollient series for people with eczema
– Visaderm™ series
– Laboratoire du peptide™ series
– Laserat™ series

Bija Herbal (Thailand)

– Skincare

Bannidin (Thailand)

– Solution Oil and Sport Oil

Elyrest (Thailand)

– Solution Oil and Sport Oil

Alaffia (US x West Africa)

– Body Wash, Shampoo and Deodorant


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