Firming Pomegranate Sheet Mask / 紅石榴緊緻紙面膜

紅石榴緊緻紙面膜 / Firming Pomegranate Sheet Mask




  • 石榴萃取液和油含有抗衰老化物,有助保護皮膚免受自由基損害,更能夠刺激細胞再生
  • 檸檬富含抗氧化物,有助強化皮膚
  • 蘆薈葉有抗炎作用,有助促進皮膚再生
  • VEOCEL™纖維來自可持續木材,經過認證可生物分解


  • 展開並敷上面膜
  • 靜待10至20分鐘
  • 移除面膜,將剩餘的精華輕輕按摩至面部及頸部肌膚,不用沖洗















Firming Pomegranate Sheet Mask

A concentrated blend of botanic ingredients gives this citrusy fresh mask a powerful boost of antioxidants originated from pomegranate extract that help firm and fortify skin. The base of biodegradable VEOCEL™ natural fibers creates a smooth and soothing sheet mask that allows vitamins to be easily absorbed. Skin is left looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Skin Type : All Skin Types


  • Pomegranate extract and oil contain anti-aging compounds that help protect skin against free radicals and stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Lemon is rich in antioxidants that help strengthen skin.
  • Aloe leaf is anti-inflammatory and helps to promote skin regeneration.
  • VEOCEL™ fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources and are certified biodegradable.


  • Place the sheet mask over eye area
  • Leave on for 10 – 20 minutes
  • Remove and discard sheet mask, then massage the remaining serum into the face and neck without rinsing off


Pack Size :  8 sheets

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